1. Install and Setup Infocalypse
    1. Get the Dependencies
    2. Get pyFreenet
    3. Get the infocalypse bootstrap bundle
    4. Setup
  2. Use Infocalypse
  3. Use pyFreenet

Install and Setup Infocalypse

(This guide is written for GNU/Linux. If you can write a similar guide for Windows or MacOSX, please share it — I’ll gladly include it here)

Get the Dependencies

Get pyFreenet

Get the infocalypse bootstrap bundle


First unpack and install all the dependencies. Most of them will be available in your distribution. When in doubt use the ones from your distribution. Note that you need Python 2.7, not Python 3.x.

Then unpack and install pyFreenet:

tar xf pyFreenet-0.3.2.tar.gz
cd pyFreenet-0.3.2
python setup.py install --user
echo PYTHONPATH="${PYTHONPATH}":~/.local/lib64/python2.7 >> ~/.bashrc
echo PATH="${PATH}":~/.local/bin >> ~/.bashrc

Finally create a Mercurial repository, import the infocalypse history and set the update path.

hg init infocalypse
hg -R infocalypse pull -u infocalypse2_87b9307f207f.hg
echo "default = freenet://ArneBab/infocalypse" >> infocalypse/.hg/hgrc
echo '[extensions]' >> ~/.hgrc
echo "$(pwd)"/infocalypse/infocalypse >> ~/.hgrc

That’s it. If you use WoT, you should now be able to update infocalypse from Freenet:

hg -R path/to/infocalypse pull -u

Without WoT you can pull directly from the USK:

hg -r path/to/infocalypse pull -u freenet://USK@j2Mfv0b81MNSslh3Qg9gs1vgQj36whsuosP8ydZq158,Xb~vh8XEXmdwGFca4HAx-ILOZD6AWPVuRzIuLerl4PU,AQACAAE/infocalypse-repo.R1/30

Use Infocalypse


Use pyFreenet


See the old site: pyFreenet - Easy Python API for Freenet