Welcome to Nerdageddon. Here we aim to bring you a list of all freesites, both old and new, which could be interesting to political nerds. The links presented here come from Linkageddon and Enzo's Index, but without the ones flagged as porn and without sites I perceive as boring. Sites are excluded via a blacklist, so new sites will appear here until I remove them to ensure that the index stays useful (though a bit messy) even if I do not get to check the sites.

Linkageddon and Enzo stopped updating. Until I implement using one of the new indexes as source, Nerdageddon will not see updates.

If you feel the title and/or description for a particular freesite does not give sufficient warning about it's content then please feel free to comment to that effect on Sone or to the relevant FMS board. Note: I promise to filter however I want. If you disagree with my decisions, make your own *geddon. My manual filters are in checked.json.

To make your own *geddon, get nerd.py, checked.json, template.html, site-styles.css, textlist-styles.css and activelink.png, put them into a folder and run python3 nerd.py. Then upload site/.

Some bad stuff crept in during the transition to also using Enzo's index. I hope that is fixed. If not: please complain! Thanks to Enzo for investigating!

My heuristic filter killed >5% of legitimate sites. It is fixed now. Thanks to anonymous for catching that!