Fetch-Pull-Stats re-woven

fetch-pull realtime download graph

fetch-pull small download graph

fetch-pull bulk download graph

fetch-pull failed realtime download graph

fetch-pull failed small download graph

fetch-pull failed bulk download graph

fetch-pull upload graph

fetch-pull failed upload graph

lifetime plot, realtime

lifetime plot, small bulk

lifetime plot, large bulk


Files uploaded regularly with the download attempted after some delay. Realtime is uploaded with realtime priority, small and bulk with bulk priority. Details are available in fetchpull.w (see sources)

Realtime is a raw KSK without any redirect. Size 80 bytes, Uploaded and downloaded in realtime mode without compression, using all tricks to reduce latency. This is the fake chat-message: What you would use for interactive status updates and such.

Small is a KSK splitfile (a KSK that has the links to about 7 CHKs, needs 3-4). Size 128kiB uncompressed, around 80kiB compressed, Uploaded and downloaded in bulk mode.

Bulk is a KSK which forwards to a CHK splitfile that has around 40 blocks, needs about 20 to download. Size 1MiB uncompressed, around 650kiB compressed, uploaded and downloaded in bulk mode.


created with fetchpull.w

from project guile-fcp

plotted with fetchpull-plot.gnuplot

using data from fetchpull-stats-get.csv and fetchpull-stats-put.csv

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