Update (2020-09-06): Sharesite 0.4.8 released. More beautiful default style thanks to w7Q2J@QTPnftHRW6dAF… from FMS + example for header image using the activelink

Update (2019-12-07): There is now extensive syntax help available on the thirdparty freesite Sharesite Documentation.

Update (2018-12-01): Sharesite 0.4.7 released. Avoid blocking the node while waiting.

Update (2017-10-24): On FMS naejadu@JNd… asked for the option to include other files in the Sharesite container. See the section “External resources” for an answer.

You can help get it reviewed and official at https://github.com/freenet/plugin-sharesite/pull/1

Update: ☺ Sharesite 0.4.4 is now an official plugin! ☺ Install it from (sorry for not announcing this here before)

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Sharesite makes it easy to publish and update in Freenet.

Feature highlights:

If you want to create multi-page freesites, check out jSite, pyFreenet or FlogHelper instead.

Sharesite is built on the excellent ShareWiki. It was forked, because the Freenet Project could not have distributed it: The license of the TextileJ parser in ShareWiki isn’t GPL compatible. Sharesite switched back to a previous version which was still under LGPL.

How to convert from ShareWiki to Sharesite: Get the backup of all Freesites from ShareWiki and store it on disk. Load the Sharesite plugin. Restore the ShareWiki backup in Sharesite. Unload the ShareWiki plugin. Done.


Bookmark this site to be notified about updates. Freenet does not currently support automatic updates of unofficial plugins.

Stable version: Sharesite-0.4.8.jar

Source code:

Getting the latter requires infocalypse

How to install or update

Contribute and bug reporting

Despite the version number Sharesite is mature software. That means development will be small changes and bug fixes. I try to watch FMS and Sone from time to time for bug reports, patches and translations, so post them on the sites, freenet or public boards there.

To activate logging, just create the file Sharesite.log in the freenet folder.

External resources

It can be useful to make it more likely that external resources are kept alive when people visit the site — for example it would be good if the Sharesite jar-file would always be available when this site is available.

Adding these resources to the Sharesite container directly is not possible and not planned, because it would destroy the robustness of Sharesite (just copy content.txt and style.css to get an exact copy of the site, and the database is small). But there is a way to keep them alive.

To do that, you can couple a second container to your Sharesite: First upload a folder which includes your activelink. Then use the link to the activelink inside that folder as your activelink for the Sharesite. That way bookmarks which use the activelink will keep both your Sharesite and the external resources alive.

The simplest way to insert a directory is to use the menu Filesharing → Upload a file. Then click Upload a file from disk (browse) and select insert for the folder. This gets you a key to which you can append the filename (i.e. activelink.png) to get a link. Also you can use jSite or freesitemgr for the same effect. For an example open the key to this site with KeyUtils or see the activelink of this Sharesite.


Only use an SSK or a CHK (as it says for the activelink key text field), otherwise your Sharesite plugin will insert the site forever (or until you reload the plugin).

Most recent changes

Sharesite 0.4.8:

Sharesite 0.4.7:

Sharesite 0.4.6:

Sharesite 0.4.5:

Sharesite 0.4.4:

Sharesite 0.4.3:

Sharesite 0.4.2:

Sharesite 0.4.1:

Sharesite 0.4.0:

Sharesite 0.2.8:

Sharesite 0.2.7:

Sharesite 0.2.6:

Sharesite 0.2.5:

Sharesite 0.2.4:

Sharesite 0.2.3:

Sharesite 0.2.2:

ShareWiki 0.2.1:

ShareWiki 0.2.0:




Full changelog is included with the source code.

Sharesite is built on ShareLink and ShareWiki