Shoeshop 0.0.3

Plugin for Freenet, providing utilities and helpers for sneakernet: export files and sites as fblob, import fblobs.

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Shoeshop 0.0.3 Build 3

Shoeshop 0.0.2 Build 2

Shoeshop 0.0.1 Build 1


A running node 1468 or later
If the given node version is not released yet it means you need a node from next.

Get the plugin:

Load the plugin from the 'Add an Official Plugin' section if released or

go to nodes plugin page and type the key to load it
and load it.

Download: Shoeshop.jar

Get the source:

Github: git://, branch 'master'

Bugs: Report them at GitHub ( or in sone: @sone://MYLAnId-ZEyXhDGGbYOa1gOtkZZrFNTXjFl1dibLj9E


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