I am Eryu Zen a name I adapted during my studies as an anthropological scholar. Eryu means Dragon and Zen wisdom, hence Dragon wisdom. I choose this name because much of my knowledge was gathered in the time (almost 10 year) I had to battle with a real dragon.


There is nothing really romantic about it. I am one of the few people who actually knows where the comparison with a dragon comes from. In Chinese medicine the liver is represented by the symbol of the dragon. The liver has no nerves so you will not feel it rot away. Therefor the name The Silent Dragon.

Like many people who went through a live threatening experience I compensated by a spiritual growth. I actually made a voyage through many philosophies and religions to the source. Animism. And from there I started working as a Shaman. If you want to be more precise an Urban Shaman is a popular term because I adapted ancient knowledge to modern science.

I Have a small growing tribe taking care of in times of need and people find me effective. I invite you to contact me if you think I can mean anything to you.

Peace light and strength for you.

Eryu Zen

Email: eryu_zen@dhh4rdq32w4otmplz2twygqkvmd6i3tovktnsjwmff3ypkf6zbxq.freemail