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Howto for using fniki

This site is written in fniki to document how to use fniki.

Contribute to it via InfocalypseHg by cloning freenet://ArneBab/fniki-howto

Then you can file pull-requests via

hg fn-pull-request [--truster nick@key] --wot ArneBab/fniki-howto

Start your own wiki with

hg init your-wiki-name
cd your-wiki-name
hg fn-wiki --createconfig
hg fn-wiki --run
# point your browser to http://localhost:8081
# CTRL-C stops the wiki server
hg commit -m "note"
hg clone . freenet://nick@key/your-wiki-name

And upload with

hg fn-putsite --wiki --index 0

To check whether someone else sent you a pull-request, use

hg fn-check-notifications

fniki is based on PikiPiki.

TitleIndex has a list of all pages.

These pages have examples of wiki markup:

Removing pages isn't supported though the wiki interface (yet!). You can manually remove pages by removing files from the:
<repo root>/wiki_root/wikitext

These pages have embedded macros. You might want to take a look at the document source before you delete them.

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