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Attention all hg infocalypse users!
Changes to the freenet mime type validation code within the last month or so broke retrieval off all existing hg infocalype repositories.

Get fixed code:

Use the command below to get the fixed version of the hg infocalypse plugin.

hg fn-pull --debug --uri USK@kRM~jJVREwnN2qnA8R0Vt8HmpfRzBZ0j4rHC2cQ-0hw,2xcoQVdQLyqfTpF2DpkdUIbHFCeL4W~2X1phUYymnhM,AQACAAE/wiki_hacking.R1/24

If for some reason that fails here's an hg bundle with the entire repo: CHK@0R-dAU.../infocalypse2_8521f306c915.hg

Update existing repos:
You need to re-create your repositories in order for them to be usable.

You can do that by using the hg fn-create command to reinsert the entire repository onto the existing repository USK.

cd into the top level directory for your existing repository type:

hg fn-info

to display the Insert URI.

Then type:

hg fn-create --debug --uri <insert_uri_from_above>

IMPORTANT: Make sure that version number is the current version number. fn-create will insert the new version on the USK index one greater than the index in the --uri argument.




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